King of Kong

4 02 2009

Today is Andrew’s birthday.  He chose a film to watch this evening: King of Kong, an award-winning documentary about the world of competitive video-game players.  It’s an odd film, definitely interesting, but it took good old Google to settle the question of whether it was a mockumentary or a ‘real’ story…  I think that world of competitive gaming just seemed so disconnected from any easy reference points I have that it required a shift on my part to pay attention to real people telling stories about what’s important to them (of course the director is shaping those stories to make his film a “good story” too)

Made me think about church aesthetics…  whether sincerity and the slightly surreal nature of some Sunday morning worship can leave visitors wondering if it’s really for real…   

I think our household would recommend the film…  We’ll certainly carry on talking about the church stuff: about  authenticity and story-telling.  And I’ll be thinking about the ways I position myself as a somewhat cynical consumer… of films, of “church”… and what that costs…




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