Remembering those affected by the Australian bush fires

13 02 2009

Today the chapel is open all day for those who want to bring their thoughts or prayers to the space.  It’s so quiet on campus that I don’t expect to see many people today but it still feels important to do something!

The centre piece is the altar dressed in sackcloth with a board in front with a prayer by Cheryl Lawrie .  As you come into the space there are two stands with bowls of water.  Beside one the text reads

Add a spoon of salt
to the water

As a symbol of your own tears or grief


As a symbol of care for those who
are weeping

 By the other

Trace your fingers in the water
as a symbol
of your prayer or intention

for the many who have worked to quell the fires
(and are still working)

and for those who face
the work
of rebuilding
lives and homes
and communities…

 There’s a donation box too for the Red Cross appeal




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