London landing

9 09 2009

My first four days in London were busy: catching up with Andrew who had arrived four days earlier and seeing my sister who makes her home here (and has generously opened it to me for the duration!).  We saw friends and family, took in the Lion King and Stomp as well as some of the central city’s sights.  It was a whirl!  There was plenty of getting ready too: were were Greenbelt bound in a generously lent VW campervan!

One of the things about Stomp was the sense of community that was so quickly created as they coaxed us to clap and click with them.  It was great to have a sense not just of consuming something but participating, even if only slightly shyly and quietly as an introverted audience member!  It was a school holiday matinee and there were heaps of children in the audience.  One up in the balcony had a pretty delicious giggle and I think the audience laughed as much at the pleasure of hearing the giggle as at the often very witty Stomp jokes…  I don’t want to be trite about it but that giggle really brought to mind “And a child shall lead them” and that sense of profound spirituality we find in embracing foolishness, becoming like children…  Stomp was awesome, no question, but it’s the sound of that giggle that’s stayed with more more clearly than any of those compelling rhythms they made…




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