The ex-ile community’s sabbatical blessing

9 09 2009

Written by one of the ex-ile collective members, Dave White, whose blog is in my sidebar but he blogs even less often than me… These words were such a generous sending forth and the refrain, prayed by all who were present, continues to shape my sense of sabbatical/study leave “task”. Thanks friends…

In the space between home and abroad
Between land and sea
between borders
in the space between husband and wife
God, be present

dream and wake –
dream and wake

In this Sabbath space
May she forget routine and responsibility
And seek your rhythms
May she be still
And bask in this getting away
May she be filled

dream and wake, –
dream and wake

As she shares with other exiles overseas
May she encourage, and be encouraged
May she lean on and learn from
All the worship communities she meets
May she connect and be blessed
We send her off with our best hopes –
Exile represented by her
Exile presented by her –
With our pleasing

dream and wake, –
dream and wake

May the peace of God be with you as you travel far from us

Our prayers go with you




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