“I have called you friends”

16 10 2009

I preached at the Moot community Eucharist on my last night in London.  You can hear me, from the reading of the Gospel through the sermon here.

Here’s how the sermon ended.  It probably makes more sense if you’ve heard or read the first bit, but it sums up for me the importance of friendship as a way of being in the world.  A way which for me is at the heart of the Christian life.

Friendship is not some gimmick that we can market as a way of successfully living a Christian life.  It is not even primarily about about an act of will or making friendships in a calculating way.  Friendship as a spiritual practice, as the mark of a disciple, as a proclamation of the Good News of the Reign of God  – this friendship is about entering into authentic relationships, relationships of vulnerability and trust, relationships of mutuality and care.  In allowing ourselves to be affected by who we live with and how we live with them, by the gifts we receive in and from our friends, we open ourselves to being transformed by love and so enlarging the realm of God: the kinship and new community proclaimed by Christ.  That, my friends, would be Good News!




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