Curating Worship 1

8 11 2009

You will find only odd-shaped pieces of transparent red paper when you look in the drawer.  Confidently driving to the shop you bought it at last time (while your beloved makes soup for Sunday lunch) disappointment will await you.  They do not stock that colour any more and mango doesn’t seem right for maps of fire.

Of course this will especially be the case when the collective has had its main meeting on the Friday-before-the-Sunday due to a confluence of circumstances including sabbatical leave, a music tour of the East Cape and Other Things.

You will improvise a solution to the red transparent paper Issue.  It may involve OHT sheets and sparkly red cardboard.  It may look more Sunday School Craft than postmodern cool.  You may have to swallow your vanity.

It is inevitable that there will be a Moment involving technology.  The loop may not loop.  The laptop may be carrying a grudge against the projector.  Although you have done it many times before you will not be able to print 4 postcards to a page.  You will try two different programmes and will mutter various sentences which decrease in faith, hope and love by the minute.  You will remember you were once a youth worker and a parish secretary and armed with scissors, correction fluid and invisible tape you will summon your long forgotten actual cutting-and -pasting skills.  The photocopier may or may not jam.

It will start to feel like it is all about the choice of font and the editing of sentences and the aesthetics of the take-home hand-outs.  You will wonder if It Will Work.  You will make piles and move furniture and consult the map that someone has drawn on the whiteboard and discover that you need one more RCA cable than you can currently find…

And if you’re open to it (and maybe even if you’re not) in the middle of all that you will experience a moment of grace, a breathing out moment of ease and you will remember that it isn’t about the font, the sentences, the soundtrack, the lighting (although you do rather like the red wash up the walls your colleague just made).  In the corner of your head will be the whisper that it’s not about the room, it’s about making room.  For a moment of  Grace as Cheryl might say.  About pointing towards the well of Living Water and getting out of the way so people can drink.




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