3 01 2010

I am not much for making New Year’s Resolutions.  But at this time last year I chose three words to check in with regularly – words that were about a sustainable and spirited life.  Qualities to cultivate, aspects of my life to explore more deeply.

I have been waiting this year to see if those words could continue or whether there is an invitation to something new.  And I keep coming back to “movement”.  I think it is in part because my usual habits of exercise have been disrupted by slow-healing injuries and chronic pain.  My wrist in particular is not as it was before, and no-one is sure if it will become better than it is.  After spending a bit  of time feeling stuck and resentful I am moving into a more creative space of finding ways to do the things I love while respecting a limb that needs gentleness and care.

So movement – a touchstone for me in 2010.  Purposeful movement, playful movement.  An openness to new things emerging: new postures, new places.

Movement, the dictionary reminds me, can also describe “a group of people working together to advance their shared political, social, or artistic ideas”.  For a handcraft-loving, justice-seeking, liberation-longing chaplain, movement may well invite me to a full-of-life year!

May 2010 invite you into new adventures, greater freedom and a sustaining hope.

Edited to add:  over at Abbey of the Arts a whole lot of people are writing about their word for 2010.  Participate in the conversation here, or there




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1 01 2011
Happy New Year! « Exilicchaplain's Blog

[…] Last year I chose “movement”.  Coming off a painful injury I was struggling to find ways to exercise that felt sustainable.  I was also wondering about what currents or movements in the church and in the world I might want to invest my energy in. […]


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