summer school

12 01 2010

I’m back on campus and summer school is underway though the campus still feels lazy summer days-ish.  The arborist just gave me a ride around campus in her golf-cart-like buggy and there seem to be lots of people out enjoying the lakes and shade of the trees… 

looking towards the chapel

A reflection over at Quantam Theology has me thinking about the wordless God – the swaddled child, utterly vulnerable, crying, babbling…  Michelle quotes Augustine:

 “See what God became for your sake; learn the lesson of such great lowliness, learn it even from a teacher not yet able to speak. … for your sake your Creator lay speechless, unable even to call his mother by her name.” 

She goes on to talk about what it might mean to linger with the infant rather than rushing, as the church calendar seems to, towards his adult ministry.  Read the rest here

I am also enjoying my new Ribbonwood calendar.  Trish Harris offers beautiful contemporary images nourished by contemplative spirituality.  I had the pleasure of sharing part of my spiritual direction training with her.  Hop on over to make the most of her sale prices on calendars, journals and photo albums

Trish's 'amidst it all, love'




One response

13 01 2010

As I sit in my office, looking out at the dusting of snow that fell last night, it’s hard to imagine you are in summer session!

I loved the art, and the “amidst it all, love” tag on is reminscent of an Augustine quote: Super omnia caritas — above all, love.

Thank you for reminding me of warmth!


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