Lovely Things

22 01 2010

Still in a very slow-moving summer kind of a groove. Except for when I’m at work going at a rate of knots in order to have everything done before next week’s Wellington holiday!

This is pretty much going to be a bullet point list of lovely things:

  • This quote from a Clergy Freak post on baking bread: There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.Mahatma Gandhi.  Seems especially relevant in the wake of the Haiti tragedy.  I’m sure you’re already responding – check out who have partners on the ground already and who also have suggestions of how to pray.

  • “Grace has left me room for breath to fill” – another quote, this one from Grace Unbound, a lovely little book kindly sent to me from Abbey of the Arts.  The Abbey is a lovely place to hang out if you enjoy contemplative spirituality, visual arts and poetry parties.  And when the whirl of busyness, or anxiety leaves me holding my breath – there is Grace.  Leaving me room for breath to fill.

  • Water bottles!  Check out for stainless steel bottles, including a great sipper top with a straw so you don’t have to tip it up while you’re driving.  (The sports top which you can buy separately fits the other brand of stainless steel bottles you can easily buy in NZ and is so much better!).  They donate to Oxfam for every bottle sold – you get a great product and someone else in the world gets clean water.

  • Most lovely in my world in the last week has been the arrival of Amos, born to good friends Scott and Amanda.  Welcome Amos, may you know yourself deeply loved, may grace and goodness meet you each step of your way, may hope and courage enlarge your heart and your feet walk always paths of peace. 



One response

3 02 2010

Hi there, it’s Elaine from Mokita, I just wanted to say thanks for mentioning our water bottles. I am pleased you like the sports top and I’m really grateful for your help in spreading the word about what we do.

Have a wonderful day.


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