17 02 2010

Lent is beginning and I can hardly give up blogging given my inactivity in the last month. Actually there’s been way too much activity hence the lack of blogging. Been meaning to write a “best of Wellington” post (great holiday, great art, great mexican food, great gelato), one about Paul Tillich’s idea that having faith requires the courage to accept acceptance and probably some other things besides… Maybe for Lent I should give up writing blogs in my head and actually post them here!

My intentions for Lent include using the great little Lenten resource produced by Mark Pierson and drinking only water – then donating the money saved to a clean water project in the developing world.

How about you? Any Lenten intentions? Dare I commit to blogging 40 times in Lent out loud?




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17 02 2010

I’ve given up Facebook before, but as it’s the only way that I stay in contact with many of my friends and family members around the world, I don’t think I can do it again! Things like alcohol are no good for me to give up because I can happily go without them for weeks on end on a regular basis, which means that I’d scarcely miss them. So I’ve given up sugar – everything sugary (lollies, chocolate, puddings, cakes, biscuits, sugar in my tea, sweet drinks…) and the only sweet thing I’ll be eating is fruit. If Lentan sacrifice is to be used as a regular prompt to think about spirituality I can assure you that I will be thinking about my faith many times a day in the coming weeks: I have the biggest sweet tooth ever and will really find this difficult! And the money I save will be enough for a good-sized donation to a charity at Easter. And man, those Easter eggs will taste good this year!


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