Letting Go

1 03 2010

Well as is obvious, daily blogging in Lent isn’t going to be my thing…  Someone who is writing the daily rhythm is Cheryl Lawrie who has a lovely series going at her place: hold this space

This Lent seems to be inviting me to practice letting go.  Ex-ile, my much loved worshipping home, an alt. worship community based at the university chapel, has come to an end.  At least the once a month, multi-media, multi-sensory, collaborative curated spaces has…  The collective decided that we couldn’t sustain that ongoing life in the same way anymore.

But the smaller group that has met weekly will continue.  It seems a bit dramatic to call it “the remnant”.  The Anchor Bible Dictionary defines the remnant as “What is left of a community after it undergoes a catastrophe.”  (I don’t have an Anchor Bible Dictionary to hand – that was ripped straight off Wikipedia!!) And there is/was no catastrophe…  But the group who remain are eating together and talking and imagining their way into a new shape of life together.

I’m glad about that.  Not just because it softens my personal grief.  The eating together and talking and praying with our words and our no words…  that makes sense to me.  Makes church to me.  Offers grace.

Letting go.  Waiting.  Hands open.  Heart open.  That is what Lent is like here at the moment…  Not much blogging.  Not so many words.  A bit of desert.  Seems alright.




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