Redemisti mundum

5 03 2010

I have been driving my mother-in-law’s car the past few days.  She is a generous and loving mother-in-law, the kind who really does seem like a bonus prize when you get to marry her very lovely son.  However, that is not the point of this story.

My mother-in-law’s car has an old-fashioned tape-deck and an import’s narrow band of radio reception.  Having exhausted the one cassette in the car in which my m-i-l’s music taste overlaps with my own, I went hunting for old cassettes to enhance the quality of my commuting about the city.  And found the first Taize tape I ever owned.

It’s Lent, so I dutifully fastforwarded through the Alleluias.  And found myself singing along with Adoramus Te Christe:  We adore you, Jesus Christ, and we bless your Holy Name; surely your cross and passion bring us life and healing.  (that’s the English words that fit the music – I think the last phrase in the Latin means more directly “redeem the world”).

Tomorrow I will be officiating at the funeral of a much-loved staff member at the university.  We’d spent quite a bit of time talking about the Good Book and the Big Fella and tomorrow I will pray with, and on behalf of, the diverse community that will gather – commending my friend to the infinite love and wisdom of the Big Fella.  It won’t be an especially religious funeral – but I will be carrying with me that hope that is seeded by the love of God seen in the life and passion and cross of Christ…  surely they bring us life and healing.  Indeed, surely they redeem our world.

Go well my friend,  travel safely with our love into the arms of the Big Fella.




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