5 06 2010

I’m being a classic introvert.  There’s too much going on for me to be able to say anything about it!  Moving country is kind of demanding – and there’s still two months more of keeping my head in the university and chaplaincy and with some of the staff and students I work with.

There’s lots of grieving.  Unexpected griefs – who knew how attached I was to being an anglican priest and holding a bishop’s license!  And predictable griefs: the heart-rending process of finding our beautiful and faithful canine companion a new household.

There’s also excitement and energy for what’s coming even when the logistics of it all seem overwhelming.

That’d be why the blog is quiet.  And that isn’t likely to change much in the next couple of months.  The focus of this space might change a bit though – more of the domestic, the small.  Especially once we’re feet on the ground in Beijing.  Watch this space as they say….  (and actually I’m hoping to write a bit about “Just Worship” a practitioners’ gathering I’m at in Christchurch this weekend so if there’s a little flurry don’t get your hopes up – that’s all I’m saying!)




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