Just Worship

5 06 2010

Just worship

Hanging out in Christchurch at Just Worship: a gathering of people who are interested in providing spaces which engage people with their spirituality and humanity.  Highlights today have included Dave White talking about Stations of the Cross and Trees at the Meteor.  It is amazing to be reminded about the crazy things that he and the collective have managed to pull off over the years – it’s a cliche to say it’s a privilege to be involved in but that’s totally true.  Who wouldn’t want to be part of suspending a halo of haka-ing angels over the English Garden with a cherry picker?  (even if my main part of that was feeding the soup to the volunteers required for that and making sure there are lanterns along the path to help people find their way!).

2008 Station 3

Cheryl Lawrie (too lovely, very inspiring, wept through the last 20 minutes of her talk as she spoke of her work in prisons and the common humanity of our stories of grief, longing, joy), Stuart McGregor and Peter Mejendie, with video links to Len Sweet and Brian McLaren  have made input which has shaped our day…  Spacious worship both Friday and Saturday nights.  I am loving the easy conversations and the enlivening questions.  One I’m thinking about particularly at the day’s end is Peter Mejendie’s suggestion that we need to faith our practices…




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8 06 2010
Paul Fromont

Thanks for the update Jemma. Sounds like a great place to be. Say “hi” to Cheryl, if you/she are still around.


16 12 2010
5 minutes of memories « Exilicchaplain's Blog

[…] Worship.  A great gathering in Christchurch with friends old and new.  Good theology.  Easy worship.  Room for trying out […]


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