36 things (for 36 years).

28 06 2010
  1. The glory of God is a human being fully alive – St Irenaeus (whose feast day is today).
  2. Faithful friends can be life-saving medicine.  Even Scripture agrees.
  3. Michael Leunig is genius.
  4. Love changes everything.
  5. God is friendship – St Aelred of Rievaulx.
  6. Knitting is the business.  Contemplative.  Joyful.  And it makes pretty and/or warm things.
  7. Stainless steel water bottles make good sense .
  8. Poha makes a great breakfast.
  9. Brownie is best made with fair-trade cocoa.  And boysenberries.
  10. Dogs really can be your best friend.
  11. When a dog has become a dear friend, rehoming him is a heartbreaking endeavour.  Even when it’s for the best.
  12. Ani DiFranco. Perfect for seeing you through anger, grief, protest, and a rocking good time.
  13. The Tate Modern.
  14. Monsoon Wedding
  15. Feilding Agricultural High School.  Totally survivable.
  16. It’s okay to cry.
  17. Refusing to cry because the tissues aren’t sustainably produced and the whiteness of them makes you suspicious about the bleaching process will make you memorable to the High School Guidance Counsellor.
  18. It’s good to ask for help.
  19. It’s good to laugh.
  20. Thunderpants are go.  (But they don’t go up your bum)
  21. Merino.  Merino tops.  Merino socks.  Merino tights.  All good.
  22. Email is fantastic.  But a real letter that arrives in your mailbox…  It still has the edge.
  23. A mirror ball can enhance worship in the university chapel.  Who knew?
  24. Listening well matters.
  25. Walter Brueggemann
  26. Quinoa.
  27. Wellington.
  28. Train trips.
  29. Sigur Ros.  Glosoli.  Still…
  30. Stations of the Cross.  The Hamilton ones.  In the Gardens.  With 70 volunteers every night.
  31. Friends.  Again.  Always.
  32. Sixteen years of relationship with my beloved.
  33. Ordination.
  34. Beijing!
  35. The Congregation of the Good Shepherd.
  36. The communities of hope and faithfulness that sustain me.

And that, my friends, is 36 things.  36 highlights.  36 moments, fragments, memories, beliefs.  36 for 36 years.  The birthday is over in this time zone, but not in the place where I was born.  Giving thanks for the love that has brought me to this moment.

May mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance (as Jude might say).




2 responses

29 06 2010
Lilian Nattel

Happy Birthday! And here’s another thing–36 is a charmed year. It is 2x life, or “chai” in Hebrew, which has the numerical value of 18.


3 07 2010

Thanks Lilian.


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