Exilic Chaplain??

6 08 2010

We’re in Beijing.  Staying in the lovely hutong home of two kiwi members of the congregation.  It has been a three month whirl really.  The last ten days in particular.  Andrew had a farewell service and preached his last sermon with the Claudelands folk.  The next day was my farewell liturgy at the university.  I was released from my pastoral responsibilities and heard something of how my chaplaincy has been experienced.  I also preached for the first and last time in the Lady Goodfellow Chapel!!

We had a busy week of packing and sorting.  We’ve shipped sixteen boxes – eleven of which have books in them!  Our parents were champion cleaners and carriers and many friends helped.  In the middle of the moving we had a farewell party.  Dave and Chris hosted the party and were as gracious and generous as you’d expect.  Despite two goes I can’t upload a picture to this post – hopefully next time!  The following day we had a Coyle family lunch.  Then it was back to the sorting, shipping and packing.

So here we are.  In exile from ex-ile whose life continues in a small house-church kind of way.  In a new place.  But it doesn’t feel like exile as such, despite being away from people and places we love.  It feels like we were in the right place!  Will let you know how that sense is in the days and weeks to come….  And maybe will have to rename the blog!

Te Rangimarie ki Te Pai




2 responses

6 08 2010
Lilian Nattel

I was so happy to see this post pop into my reader. I can’t wait to hear all about your experience in Beijing. I’m so glad it’s had a good start!


6 08 2010
Janet Marsh

Looking forward to reading more of your experiences.


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