Happy two month anniversary

5 10 2010

I wrote a blog. It vanished into the ether. I would like to blame our infuriating internet connection. I fear it was my own inept computer talent!

It said that two months ago today we were on a plane. Moving to Beijing eight days after our respective last days of work. Which is madness. We left a trail of chaos behind us. Which our ever-loving families and friends did their best to mop up. Pity that utility companies seem so unable to let customers go! That’s a bit of chaos that seems to be some kind of character test to negotiate. Fortunately my patient partner in life and ministry is sending the many many emails that getting someone els to be billed for the vicarage power and phone seems to entail.

We live in an apartment in Beijing now. Have no car and no dog but two bicycles. With no gears. And baskets and carriers. We eat lotus root and woodear mushrooms and water chestnuts. All of which were no doubt available to be found in Hamilton. Just a little less ordinary and probably a little more pricey (we pay about 60cents for a good sized lotus root which does for two meals!).

The congregation have been generous and patient with our vowels (I really was trying to say God’s will and not making a metaphor about a well!). We had World Communion Sunday this last Sunday and we prayed the Lord’s prayer in the language of our choosing: halloweds and holies and cantonese and german and maori and fijian and i don’t know what else and it was a holy babble. A holy babble and a transcendent moment for me.

We miss our friends. And the public library. And knowing where to get exactly the right sort of beads for the Sunday School craft project. We love Skype and email and digital photos that can be emailed around the world. And we love being here, in Beijing, pastors of a great congregation and followers walking the path of Life.




One response

20 10 2010
Paul Fromont

Aside from problems with utility companies, pleased everything is going well for the both of you. Sounds like a fabulous experience.

Take care


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