Five Months in Beijing

8 01 2011


Is it a sign perhaps that at the five month mark I can’t particularly think of anything to say!?  We are in the groove of congregational life.  Music committee this coming week.  Worship committee the next.  We are also in the groove of domestic life.  We know where to get most things we need for daily life.  We have a favourite kind of herbal tea.  Andrew’s wok technique is pretty great.  We know which kind of rice we like and what the preferred rice: water ratio is for the rice cooker.

We have just had our first northern hemisphere Christmas together (I had one in Germany as an exchange student when I was 17).  It changes the spirituality of it when the light coming into the world is not the full blaze of summer sun but the small slithers of light in the dark and grey city.  It also makes twinkly Christmas lights make a lot more sense and there are lots all over the place.  Above are the Christmas lights on the 3rd ring road – it’s like a 14 lane highway less than a kilometre from our house.  (We live outside it – midway between the third and fourth rings).

We do have a new tradition though.  On or around each anniversary, month by month, we go out to eat at a really lovely vegetarian restaurant.  This time it also about the twentieth anniversary of me becoming a vegetarian.  Perhaps as it’s a double celebration we’ll make a big splash and order the kang bao monkey-head mushrooms!  I’ll get back to you about that!




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