Christchurch Earthquake

22 02 2011


Christchurch, New Zealand was hit by a devastating earthquake today.   As I write the death toll stands at 65.  Many churches have been devastated, the streets are full of rubble.  Some are flooded.  In places there is liquefaction.  Roads cracked.

You will find news at the New Zealand Herald

and at Stuff

We feel a very long way away.  We refresh the news pages, the Facebook status updates regularly – waiting for news from our friends and colleagues, and to hear from members of the congregation who have family and friends in Canterbury.  We are praying: for the rescue efforts – night is falling, rain is forecast, people are still trapped in rubble.  For those who have lost loved ones.  For those who are afraid as they ride the waves of aftershocks, come to terms with more loss after September 2010’s terrible earthquakes.  We are praying for our friends and colleagues in ministry who are providing comfort and care.  May God’s mercy, strength and peace hold them all.





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25 02 2011

Praying, too.


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