24 04 2011

The Great 50 Days of Easter have begun. At the beginning of Lent we “put away” the letters spelling “Hallelujah” with the children at the Congregation of the Good Shepherd and today they were brought out again to be decorated. They made their appearance at the offertory, rising from behind the table. The congregation clapped! I’m not much for clapping in church but I’m sure I wouldn’t have objected if I’d been there! The Hallelujah is back!

It is feeling like a strange Easter here. No church but a medley of favourite hymns courtesy of itunes (Jesus Lives! The Strife is O’er! The Day of Resurrection!) shared with Andrew via Skype. My longest Skype conversation to date. And surrounded by the love of friends and on the receiving end of so much practical care… Good soup and dinner and gentle conversation and lots of rest… Wearing clothes found and loaned and purchased by friends…

There hasn’t been a great rush of resurrection in my physical body today but there is a trickling in of the renewing, enlivening blessings expressed so readily by our friends. I’m getting my hallelujah back you might say!




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24 04 2011
Lilian Nattel

I hope that healing will come bit by bit all through the 50 days to a complete rejuvenation.


16 05 2011

Hey Jemma,
How’re you going?! How’s things with you?
I hope you’re well and all good to go again soon.
I want you to know i often draw strength and inspiration from knowing you’re out there, just being yourself in the way you are what you do who you are. Don’t think i have much in the way of inspiration that you don’t already bave bucketloads more of, but really wish i could share some stregth back to you.
Anyway, here’s my love and hugs,


17 05 2011

Hey j,

thanks so much. your words bring encouragement and community which are both sources of strength.

another j.


17 05 2011

Hi Jemma,
thinking of you.


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