On being a member of a Sensitive Group

21 07 2011
BeijingAir BeijingAir
07-21-2011; 15:00; PM2.5; 87.0; 163; Unhealthy // Ozone; 0.5; 0; No Reading

It used to be that I wouldn’t go out if the air got to hazardous.  Now, with granulomas in my lungs, I guess I rate as a member of a “sensitive group”.

Let me explain.  Air pollution is a bit of a thing if you live in Beijing.  The American embassy measures the air pollution and posts both numbers and a rating each hour and there are various ways you can follow that information.  They use the World Health Organisation’s categories: Good, Moderate, Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups, Unhealthy, Very Unhealthy, Hazardous.  And then the one that had to be invented for Beijing: Crazy Bad, or as they now call it “Beyond Scale”.

Actually, my lungs are doing pretty well so I don’t know how cautious I need to be.  I have a mask (mine’s blue, Andrew went for the black).  We have Hepa filter units running in the apartment.  I’m erring on the side of caution.

My energy levels are more of an issue though.  The main symptoms of the Lofgren’s I’m still experiencing are crushing fatigue and arthralgia.  My ankles, wrists, knuckles, shoulders, one elbow, one hip, one knee all let me know I’m not quite as I used to be!  That and the crazy amount of pills I swallow each day.

I went out yesterday.  I wanted to get a lap-top support so that I can combine better ergonomics and the need to work in bed!  The first time I tried to go out, earlier in the day, my energy ran out before we actually managed to get a taxi.  The second time (after a battery-recharging nap) we were lucky and got a cab that had just dropped someone off.  We were out for two hours.  I slept eleven hours last night and have been in bed most of today, needing an afternoon nap as well.  It’s a slow pace of life!

That said, I’m glad to be well enough to be home.  And it feels like home.  The apartment.  Beijing.  I’m really looking forward to church on Sunday.  Presuming I manage to get in a taxi before I have lie down again!  It’s summer here and the community is scattered to home leave and holiday so things are kind of quiet.  It’s the perfect time for a going-slow girl to ease her way back into life here.




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21 07 2011
Lilian Nattel

I’m glad it feels like home now! I remember Beijing in summer–the first time we went the matriculation exams were postponed due to heat. Mind you, it’s 38 here today!


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