Have you abandoned your blog?

20 10 2011

Gratuitous photo of super-cute godson shovelling in the fastfood at Chinese chain Yoshinoya (photo taken by doting godfather)

I’ve been leaving the article with the above title unread in my RSS feed, feeling like it was speaking directly to me each time I saw the headline. I don’t think I’ve abandoned my blog, but I haven’t written anything for ages and I don’t really know what I’d be writing if I was.

I’m still in Beijing, I still have sarcoidosis, I still love my congregation… I’m trying to juggle those three things – doing a little work, managing the fatigue and pain, trying to avoid breathing too much hazardous air… And at the same time occasionally leaving the apartment, keeping my spirits up, doing enough that is creative and life-giving to be sanity-sustaining.

I’ve been back to New Zealand for a brief 12 days to check on the medical situation (good progress, side effects being better managed) and found it exhausting and frustrating not to really spend much time with anyone… I was grateful to those who did manage to connect with me in my brief windows of opportunity and to those who didn’t hold it against me that I couldn’t fit them in.

So now I’m here… If by here we mean my air-filtered room in our Beijing apartment! And at least briefly here, on this blog – with the usual good intentions but no promises!




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