Friday Five: Time with Friends

4 11 2011

Today’s RevGals’ Friday Five is an easy one: five things you like to do with friends.

*At home in Hamilton: knit, drink tea (or in Beijing, just don’t have a group of knitting, tea-drinking friends yet due to my non-attendance at Stitch n Bitch Beijing! Well, I’ve been twice, and it was fun but sarcoid has complicated my non-essential going out, so solo knitting has been my mainstay.  Do miss the Fairly Crafty Sunday morning stitching)

*Out and about in Hamilton: eat great Indian food, dosas especially!  (the above photo isn’t super-flattering or even a very good photo but they are super-good friends)

*Out of town friends arriving in Beijing: Temple of Heaven.  For the craziness of the park (line-dancing, choirs practicing, chinese opera, karaoke, old people hard core exercising) and the beauty of the buildings.

*Out of town or in town friends in Beijing: a bit of shaved ice magic

*Any friends, anywhere: eat, talk, laugh, talk more – about theology, politics, the state of the world, eat dark chocolate, drink tea, solve more of the world’s problems….

I am so glad for the friendships that shape my life, sustain my sanity, bring me joy and challenge my thinking.

(knitting photo taken by Meliors Simms at Fairly Crafty, Temple of Heaven photo by Heide Pusch, shaved ice giant mango delight photo taken by Mike Crudge)




5 responses

4 11 2011

Fun play – either here or in Beijing! Thanks!


5 11 2011

Indian food is one of my favorites. Great photos. Thanks for sharing.


5 11 2011
The Crimson Rambler

this is lovely and most interesting. I know what you mean about the seniors and their exercise…there used to be a Tai Chi group that met just outside my office window!


8 11 2011
Lilian Nattel

I’m so glad to see these photos! I can picture them now.


30 12 2011
Jill Shaw

I linked to a site you might be interested in today.

It had to do with knitting therapy, tho I’m not sure how your wrists and hands are for knitting these days . . . .


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