Needles sacred and profane.

2 07 2012

Now that he knows I’m a pastor, he doesn’t use profanities.

Well, today he said it was going to hurt like Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

He was right, I think.  (I know it hurt more than quite a lot, but I’m a little unsure how much it has to hurt to qualify for the JMJ standard.

He’s the acupuncturist I’ve been seeing.  It seems to help.  But the needles in the fingers and under the kneecaps can be less than pleasant.

Last week he stuck one of those knee needles in, and I burst into tears.  It surprised us both, I think.  He’d previously told me he thought I was quite good with pain.  I’d asked him if the whole room would be spinning if I was good with pain.  He answered by putting a needle in the top of my head that stopped the spinning.  Seemed like some kind of magic.

I like my acupuncturist – even if he does put needles in my knees.





One response

3 07 2012
Lilian Nattel

Oh my…sending hugs.


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