23 09 2012

A blog post about why I’m not blogging seems less than interesting but I’ve had some questions about why I’m so quiet and thought I’d try and say something!

Back in June/July the sarcoidosis had a bit of a resurgence and knocked me down for a bit.  At first I thought it was the heat and poor air quality.  Then I thought that perhaps it was just the exhaustion of moving apartment.  But it turned out to be more than that so I’m back in the rhythm of having about three good hours at a time, and needing a lot of extra sleep, and my brain not working quite as well as I’d like: fogged by fatigue and prone to drift off mid-thought.

The words that I do have I’m mostly using for work.  I mostly write the midweek message that we send by email to everyone on the congregation email list each week, and I like to share in the preaching.  And the other parts of being a pastor: being present to people, listening well, being for them, remembering their stories and the people in their lives; administration and meetings; praying, studying and thinking – that seems to be taking up most of the rest of the energy budget.  (Though to be fair I am still knitting and loving being part of Beijing Guild and this month’s ‘Hats from the Heart’ project is one I really care about).

I think about posting sermons or snippets from the midweeker.  It was never what I intended the blog to be – though sometimes I like to think or write more here about some of what is shaping what I’m thinking/preaching/saying.  Anyway, I haven’t fallen off the planet in any kind of permanent way – but the fog of sarcoidosis might be obscuring the view a bit!




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