Golden Week

29 09 2012

It’s a work day today.  Not just pastors-working-on-a-Saturday-as-there’s-a-sermon-to-preach-and-liturgy-to-print work day, but a Work Day.  There are public holidays coming for Mid-Autumn Festival (tomorrow) and National Day (1 October) so by working the Saturday before, schools and businesses can close for a week (rather than the four days holiday that you would otherwise have).  People take the opportunity to travel as there are eight consecutive days of holiday – Golden Week.

We’re staying in town.  There’s worship this Sunday and next Sunday and no-one who could cover a service for us is in Beijing.  We’re going to take our very own Golden Week early in November, when the congregation will have a hymn-sing one Sunday and improvise some pastoral cover, leaving us free to have a few days adventure somewhere.

I’ll try and post this week about mooncake-eating (not me), National-Day-celebrating Golden Week.  But there’s a liturgy to print and children’s activities to plan.  A work day in other words!




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