Advent Three: the tree bears fruit

18 12 2012

Here’s a quick update about the Advent Tree.  This week we added fruit!


We talked about the Trees of Life in the Book of Revelation – not only did they have leaves which were for the healing of the nations, but also fruit (12 kinds!).  We talked about the table of plenty – an image that we have worked on this year in Communion education and in worship.  We talked about the sun needed to ripen fruit – about light and time and waiting (trying to make a connection to Advent with its sense that what is right now is not the fullness of what shall be).  We also talked about Zechariah, John the Baptist, the Fruit of the Spirit, and whether we should put a dragonfruit on the tree, or whether that was too difficult to draw!  We did end up with a mango, a pineapple, a pomegranate, a peach, a kiwifruit and some other splendid fruit on the tree – but not, as far as I could see, a dragon fruit!  Maybe next year!





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