Happy Easter*

28 04 2013

So, my computer died on Good Friday. Which seemed kind of liturgically apt, but wasn’t particularly convenient. Sadly, it has not experienced a resurrection to date – and so the co-pastor and I have been sharing his laptop. Which puts a bit of pressure on screentime and has sidelined blogging.

But by way of a quick catch-up:

Easter was celebrated. There were children, so many children (almost 40), and alleluias (over 100 of them all told – in liturgy and hymns and greetings and suspended above the Communion Table covered in sparkles).

We took our traditional post-Easter “go see something wonderful in China” trip. This year we went to Chengdu where we saw pandas. We saw other beautiful and amazing things (the Leshan Buddha chief among them) but really, pandas! They were so much fun – they climbed trees and ate bamboo and wrestled with each other and were swatted by their mothers and I was completely and utterly charmed.

Chengdu 189

We had the great pleasure of sharing that trip and the two weeks following with Andrew’s parents. It was their second time visiting China and they also went to Xi’an with Andrew (involving an overnight train trip). We enjoyed being with two such adventurous, good-humoured and joyful people.

Xi'an and Beijing 081

Last week the congregation announced that they have extended our call for another two years. We’ll be at our three-year anniversary in July, the further two years beginning 1st August. There is much that is uncertain about life in China, but by God’s grace we hope that both congregation and pastors will be able to live into the hope that that call represents!

*Glad to be part of a tradition that celebrates Easter for 50 days.  That’s the kind of leeway I need!




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9 08 2013
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