The Long Silence

28 02 2014

In May, Andrew and I will be leaving China.

It’s a long story, and the most immediate chapter began just when I would have been writing about Advent.  It coloured our home leave.  It required long silences as we waited to see what there would be to say.

Leaving China wasn’t the plan.  But it became clearer that it was how it was going to go.

One of the graces of the situation is that our need to leave coincided with a vacancy in a New Zealand church that Andrew was very excited about.  He applied for that position, and has been appointed to be the new Vicar of All Saints, Howick.  I’m not exactly sure what I will be doing, but some study is on the agenda.  And I’ll need some income so some kind of work.  I’m hoping for the kind of work that I’m passionate about: work that connects spirituality and context, meaning-making, liturgy-loving, multigenerational community kind of work.  But that’s in the wait and see category!

I have loved China.

Well, more accurately I have loved living in China.  I have especially loved being the Co-Pastor of the Congregation of the Good Shepherd.

Leaving is hard.  Not just the work of sorting and filing and planning and packing.  Leaving this community, these people, this place.  In twelve weeks time, we will no longer live in China.  In twelve weeks time, we will live in Howick.





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