Serene 2016

23 01 2016

Mellon’s Bay.  Ideal spot to increase one’s serenity quotient!

A friend of mine has adopted “serene 2016” as her slogan for the year.  To be fair her 2015 was a year with more than a fair share of dramatic life changes.

My 2015 was less dramatic, but wasn’t straightforward.  It turns out that studying full-time and working half-time isn’t as feasible as it sounded when I compared it to the undergraduate life of my 20s! There were some health glitches along the way: an immune system that one specialist at the hospital says is best described as “hinky”.  It isn’t clear whether this is a continuation of the sarcoidosis that hit so hard in 2011, or something else, but there have been a lot of hospital appointments and quite a lot of outpatient physiotherapy.

So now it is 2016.  And I’m going to study half-time and work half-time as that equation seems to make more sense! I also plan to walk the dog, swim in the sea, do the exercises prescribed by the physio team, knit many things, and try to stay a bit more connected to friends and family this year.

In the meantime there’s a literature review about teenage dating violence to work on, a research proposal for a dissertation about counselling and contemplative practices to write, a resource about Lent and Easter worship with children to publish for the Diocese, and a hat to knit for a friend.

I also sit on the Board of RevGalBlogPals Inc.  It’s an international organisation of women clergy and their friends that grew out of a community of bloggers.  There are over 200 blogs affiliated with our community, and over 3000 members of the Facebook group.  Once a month I get to read all the blogposts published that week by writers around the world, mostly women clergy, and it has inspired me to begin to write again.




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