I started this blog in 2009 (when I was the Ecumenical Chaplain at the University of Waikato, New Zealand) as a way to share my sabbatical.  Then I continued my blog while I was the Co-Pastor of the Congregation of the Good Shepherd, an international, interdenominational congregation.  Now I’m a student (in the Master of Counselling programme at the University of Auckland) and work with children, young people and their families as an Anglican priest.

As far as Myers-Briggs typology goes, I’m an introvert.  That means that while I have lots of thoughts about what I could write on my blog, I don’t actually blog in the world outside my head terribly often.  Besides, there are always other things to be doing: socks and shawls to knit, gluten-free treats to bake, beaches to walk on.  Not to mention grad school writing and the work that I do in the Parish of All Saints, Howick in Auckland, New Zealand.

I’m glad you’ve stopped by.


With my partner in life and ministry, the Reverend Andrew Coyle.  





One response

17 07 2009

looking forward to what your write. still remember what you did for us at Graceway around God as friend,

Spanky Moore in Chch has done some thinking around sacraments and fresh expressions. and i wrote a piece in colloquim journal on the place of animals and communion, which you would probably enjoy

steve taylor


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